This association was founded in 1998 by Michêle Averard and Nestor Kornblum, in order to establish standards in the practice of sound therapy in Spain.

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Our aim is to spread the awareness and knowledge of Sound as a powerful tool for personal and planetary transformation, yo assist in the raising of planetary consciousness and awareness through the use of Sound and Music and help individuals through sessions of Sound Therapy and the training of Sound Therapists internationally. To spread the knowledge and practise of Sound Healing through Ethical, Mindful standards in the application of the voice, overtone singing, tuning forks and other tools and instruments. To establish moral and ethical guidelines in Sound Therapy.


The Healing Power of Sound and Vibration through Voice, Overtone singing and other sonic tools. Music in the form of CDs and Live Performances.


Workshops, Training Courses and Lectures, worldwide.


Since our beginnings whe have had great collaborations with organizations and artists of the world. We have participated in many events, festivals and expos.

Both Nestor and Michele have collaborated or trained with other leading pioneers in Sound and other modalities, including Jonathan GoldmanJill PurceFabien MamanArden Wilken, Robert Harris (European School of Craniosacral Therapy).

They have also worked with shamans, indigenous medicine men and women of different traditions such as South African Sangoma, The Good Red Road, the 13 Grandmothers, Roy Littlesun and others.

The Association os Sound Therapy- The Dome

We offer workshops, trainings and concerts


Nestor and Michêle, directors of the association, conduct intensive courses on the therapeutic and transformational uses of sound, and particularly the voice. Through vocal harmonics (overtone chant) and many other vocal techniques, a course participant is taken on a ‘Sound Journey’ through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of sound.

Employing knowledge which ranges from ancient shamanic practices to modern scientific techniques, they ensure that everybody receives and takes home useful and powerful tools for personal (and planetary) transformation. ‘Planetary’ because sound spreads out in all directions from the source. When a group of people tone or sing together with a common intention, they create a waveform that can literally influence consciousness on a global scale.

Nestor and Michêle are married and live in Alcalalí, Costa Blanca with their three children.


Fonder and co-director of the Association of Sound Therapy, author, singer, songwriter

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Fonder and co-director of the Association of Sound Therapy, overtone singing expert, musician, teacher

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The dome is a retreat center and a venue for concerts located in Alcalalí, Spain. It was built especially for sound therapies, because there is great acoustics and incredible peaceful energy inside.


An architecture made for music