This multi-stringed instrument is simple yet produces a beautiful Sound, an echo of the Cosmos. The strumming on its multiple strings create a wave of sound from the deep fundamental string to the many thin blank, higher strings. When strummed in a straight line at certain intervals of the strings, overtones are clearly produced. The vibration of all the strings at the same place simultaneously, has the effect of amplifying the harmonics, pure overtones that usually remain undetected by the ear become clearly audible.

It is therefore used in Sound Therapy for its powerful soothing and calming effects.

Selection of Monochords

Nowadays monochords range in size and application. Perhaps one of the better known is the Kotamo, a more musical adaptation of the basic monochord, with both the Japanese Koto and the Indian Tampura added to give it more versatility and a musical scale for melodies.Then there are Pythagorean monochords, Therapy Monochords in the form of beds (monochord tables), chairs, and small on-body monochords like the Monolina from Feeltone and Meerklang.

Harmonics, otherwise known as Overtones, were discovered, as far as we know, at least in Western civilization, by the great philosopher, musician and mathematician Pythagoras. Employing a monochord, a simple instrument formed of a rectangular box with a single string stretched between two bridges placed and fixed at either end. With a third, movable bridge, he was able to divide the string into first 2 equal parts, discovering that the logical result was that when the perfect centre was found, the two halves of a string have exactly the same frequency.

By far the most important part of this discovery as that each half also had exactly double the frequency, that is, it produced a Sound that to the human ear sounded exactly the same as the sound of the whole string before being divided. Therefor it meant that half the length of a string produced a sound exactly one Octave higher. Pythagoras thus discovered the Law of the Octave, a vitally important law for music but also for science in general. The monochord was also used as long ago as Ancient Egypt for discovering and calculating the harmonic and therefore the most harmonious, proportions for their sacred temples and pyramids.

Applications of the Monochord

Music Therapy, Sound Therapy, Sound Massage, Overtone Singing and Mantra Chanting, sound healing, shamanic sound work, shamanism, music therapy with children, healing sounds, sound meditations, dream work, trance work, vibrational therapy, physiotherapy.

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