Monochord Table – Therapy Bed for Sound Massage

From 4 189,00€ – 4 499,00€  depending on version and accessories

Created by Feeltone®

Product only available on request. There are many options for add-ons. Consult with us and we will make a personalized quote to you.

Manufactured in around 30 days, Delivery in about 6 weeks.

    • Monochord with 60 strings
    • Powerful sound
    • Elegant look
    • Practical accessories
    • Measurements: 198 cm x 80cm, height: 70cm
    • In ash or cherry wood
    • We have designed a new Monochord Table with a sophisticated internal body that brings more brilliant overtones and a brighter bass and vibration. The tuning stability is 100% when the client’s weight is on the table.
    • The reclining surface from ash is softly bend, which soothes the back. The resonance body from ash is bend in two directions what supports the sound brilliance. The frame, feet and the cross bar can be chosen from either Ash wood or from reddish coloured Cherry wood
    • The body weight is just 45 kg and especially light. With 60 kg total weightit can be carried easily by two people. It is designed for people with up to 150 kg weight. The tuning can be chosen either in 60 blank overtone strings or in 30 blank overtone strings + 30 wound bass strings. Basic size 79.2” x 28” x 32”. (198cm x 80cm wide) Height: 70cm standard, adjustable on request.


Feeltone has developed several useful accessories, in Ash or Cherry.

Adapter with head and cushion (easy assembly and adjustable)