The Octave Monochord with Tampura by Feeltone (for concert)


Two in one! Perfect to accompany overtone singing or creating

a sound carpet for meditation.

The monochord makes 30 bass strings (C) swing for more volume and timbre on one

side, on the other side the high pitched monochord with 20 overtone strings (c) is enriched with a

4 stringed Tambura (C, c, c, G).

This instrument can be played in an upright or horizontal position.

The Tampura on the Feeltone Monochord



Created and designed by Ingo Böhme

These monochords have TWO SPECIAL FEATURES:

  1. Every string has a tuning bead or pearl that can be moved along the string on the wide end-bridge provided, for fine-tuning without need of the tuning key, the same system that is used on the Indian Tampura.
  2. The Feeltone® Monochords can be played in the upright or vertical position, by screwing the legs into lateral holes provided, in addition to the more common horizontal position.