Tuning Forks for SonoPuncture and Healing in the Energy fields and Subtle Bodies.

Our HarmonicSounds™ Tuning Forks are made to the highest standards in Illinois, USA of a high tensile and strong anodized aluminium alloy. In addition to their quality and strength, they have extra-long handles that make them much easier to hold and also to attach our Featured Quartz or Rose Quartz ball to the end of your fork, or other attachments made for tuning forks.

All our forks come with their own velvet pouch/bag with pockets for each individual fork.

Tuning forks emit pure sounds, which are represented as pure sine waves, without any harmonics (overtones). Their overtones die out within seconds of striking the fork, leaving all the vibrational energy to be transmitted through the fundamental pitch. This frequency is stamped clearly on the body of each fork. They can be used in a great variety of ways.

To activate a tuning fork, one holds the single stem, and strikes the fork on a block of hard rubber or wood covered with leather or fabric. They can also be struck against the edge of the hand or lightly tapped on the knees, with legs slightly bent. Make sure the surface cannot scratch the fork. Strike the tuning fork in such a way that only one of the two prongs touches the striking block, that is, at a 90º angle to the surface. Both tines will vibrate equally

Firstly, let’s look at how the forks can be used on the physical body. The stem or tip of the handle of the activated fork can be placed on the bones and articulations to restore movement and flexibility, and aid the development of connective tissue, collagen cartilage etc. They stimulate the flow of lymph and blood to the area of application thereby speeding up the healing process, and promote deep relaxation and the elimination of built up stress and toxins from the joints.

For those who have a working knowledge of the meridians, or by using a clear and simple chart, the forks can serve as tools for vibratory acupressure or Sonopuncture. Using the “Shu” points, which are the master points of each meridian, the Shiatsu points, reflexology points of the feet or spine, and other reflex points on the body. Because we are literally made up of vibrating energy, a vibratory signal can be sent more strongly, efficiently and rapidly with a tuning fork than with an acupuncture needle.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Hz or Hertz is the measurement of Frequency and indicate how many Cycles per Second an object vibrates.

Hertz or Hz can also be written as cps or cycles per second

1.      Sonopuncture: This term was invented a few years ago, and refers to the use of Tuning Forks on the acupuncture points, meridian points, hand and feet reflexology points, spinal reflex points, Shiatsu points and ALL other REFLEX POINTS of the body.

2.      Osteophony: I created this name from the Osteophonic Tuning Forks, or OTTO forks as John Beaulieu calls them. This is the application of Tuning forks to the articulations and any part of the skeleton. Bones transmit vibration more effectively than any other matter in the body.

3.      Diaphony: This term is my own invention and refers to the use of Tuning forks in the Subtle Bodies, energy fields and energy centres (aura and chakras).

Unweighted Forks are best suited for use in the energy fields around the body and for transmitting sound to the brain and body through the auditory nerve by holding close to the ears (5-8cms).

Weighted Forks, which vibrate more powerfully, can be used for Sonopuncture on energy and meridian points of the feet, spine, and Master points as in acupuncture. As we are vibratory beings, these forks work far more rapidly and powerfully than acupuncture needles. These have the advantage that they can ALSO be used in the same way as the unweighted forks, although the volume of the sound is lower.

Unweight fork

Weight fork


Set of OM 136.10 Hz + 3rd and 5th of OM in BRASS, EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT!


5th of OM – 204.15 Hz (Perfect 5th Interval of OM 136.10Hz) now in BRASS, EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT!


3rd of OM – 170.125 Hz (Major 3rd Interval of the OM 136,1 Hz) in BRASS, EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT!




LOW OM 68,05Hz (Also called the “Articular OM” or “Earth Star”) in BRASS, EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT!


Professional Activator for Tuning Fork Therapy


Custom made Tuning Forks


Small hard-rubber mallet


DNA Repair Tuner 528Hz


Chakra Tuners (7 forks) unweighted


The A/LA 432Hz unweighted


The Nerve Tuner 50Hz (Also referred to as the Bone Tuner by some)


Large soft-rubber mallet


Rubber and resin activator


Set of 8 Forks . Solar harmonic spectrum. Pythagoream set of forks


Planetary Tuners (11 forks) weighted


Chakra Tuners (7 forks) weighted


Angel Tuners (3 forks and mallet) 4096Hz, 4160Hz y 4224Hz


Overtone Series/Harmonic Scale. Fundamental pitch of “Om” 136.10 Hz (16 forks)


Mayan Code- Fibonacci Tuners 20:13 Aᵇ, E (2 forks) only from HarmonicSounds